Greetings and welcome to my site.

Here you will find a collection of writings which outline some of the most influential ideas which pervade my worldview and philosophy. The driving intention here is to share idea’s and concepts you may not have had previous experience with; and therefore benefit you as they have benefitted me.

The pursuit of knowledge, coupled with an ambition to develop my understanding of the world and of reality for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life for everyone has always been my intention.


The Emergence eBook, First Edition, is a primer meant to assist in explaining some of the core idea’s I write about. You can download it by clicking on the image.

What To Expect

There are three main focuses to this website/blog. They are;

There is an emergence of a new altitude of religion and spirituality, in concert with leading edge scientific discoveries, that is propelling humanity toward greater union, wholeness, and meaning. The specific focus within these writings will be toward the Mystical Christian Tradition and its return to the main-stream conversation.

Life is not an accident, nor is it a series of unpredictable mutations. There is an intelligence present behind all of life and creation; and we can become Conscious Participants in its unfolding. Learning to join this flow of novelty and grace, we can transform our lives to reflect the ever-present Good which is the ground of all being.

We are each comprised of many dimensions of being; and when we become conscious of these dimensions, our lives become a demonstration of life’s beauty through complexity. Learning about the dimensions of being, which are ever present and co-arising in our lives, provides us with the meaningful context required to grow and develop; birthing the realized potential of our higher selves.

NONDUALITY and the ground of all being

“There is neither creation nor destruction,
neither destiny nor free will, neither
path nor achievement.
This is the final truth.”
― Ramana Maharshi

The heart of my journey lies in nonduality.

“Not two; One undivided”

The aforementioned area’s of interest are merely vehicles I ride on my journey to collective and individual growth and evolution. At my core, all of these melt away with the knowing that I seek to return to a place I have never left. God is with me now. Spirit is me now. Love is.