Political Polarization.
Severe climate change.
Escalating violence, worldwide.
Identity Crisis.
The human soul seems to be dying.
At the global level of magnification, I seem to be living in what appears to be an almost pre-apocalyptic stage of human history. I am sure it has seemed like this before, and a great deal has been written of those dark times of the past.
Even so, this seems a little different. Perhaps its because never before has the world been so connected, via our technologies, the internet, and the capacity for so many to share their wide variety of perspectives and opinions.
Never before have we had the military potential to kill millions of people in the span of a breath.
And while this pot has been boiling for some time now, there doesn’t seem to be any quick fix for the cascading problems which are facing all of us in varying magnitudes.
Now I don’t feel personally driven to “save the world”. In all honesty, the fate of the world means little to me. Now that might sound nihilistic but I assure you that my heart rests in the right place.
To me, the world is merely a reflection of the collective interiority of humanity, which itself is a collision of multi-varied altitudes of consciousness and levels of development. And this is consistently subject to change, day to day.
In addition to this, my own perception of the world is subject to my personal beliefs and views, attitudes, and how developed my psychological altitudes are.
So as far as I can tell, the world and all of its crises and problems rest in the mind.
So what is one to do?
Well, I believe there is something one can do. And a lot of one’s are doing it.
What we can do is;
change our mind.
And that is what this blog is really going to be about. I want to share with as many people as possible my journey of changing my mind, and how everyone can change their minds too.
It might not sound like a whole lot, but changing our minds can be the domino which changes the entire landscape of our lives, which in turn will change the trajectory of the human story.

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