I’ve been trying to pour myself into healthy thoughts, healthy habits. An attempt to cure the constant anxiety. I’ve found a little respite throughout the day, but night time is hard.

This morning I woke up. Showered. Enjoyed a coffee. And as I checked up on my social media, I found inspiration; an equation that has given me a focus as well as a simple mantra to help remind me of where my mind should rest.

SRC: resonancescience — Instagram

When I saw this, instant resonance. (Ironic that who posted it was called resonancescience).

So let me break down what I am getting from this simple yet powerful image.

In the center we have the focal point, FLOW, where a person wants to be anchored into. Its where you are not trying to control anything but at the same time are present and focused.

The two elements that assist us in anchoring into the flow are Discipline and Surrender.

These are two practices I have tried to implement daily; amidst a lot of hectic and down right scary changes to my life’s trajectory.

As far as discipline, I see that I need to establish a healthy routine that fosters the well being of my mind, body, and soul. AND STICK TO IT! Be vigilant with my thoughts; don’t let the train of memories that tend to creep in to stay. Let them go. Any thoughts of worry; let them pass.

And surrender. I have felt like my life was a product of my own doing for so long, that letting go and letting God has been a bit of a challenge for me. I tend to get flooded with anxiety because things don’t “look” they way my ego would like them to look.

I need to stop when I notice this anxiety (but like how could I miss it??) and return to this simple mantra: Discipline. Surrender. Flow

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Featured Image Source:http://www.pinterest.ca/pin/191825265360025119/

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