“In other words, you decide to act as if existence might be justified by its goodness—if only you behaved properly. And it is that decision, that declaration of existential faith, that allows you to overcome nihilism, and resentment, and arrogance. It is that declaration of faith that keeps hatred of Being, with all its attendant evils, at bay.” – Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules for Life

What is our “field of being”?

Well our “being-ness” encompasses both our individual interior as well as what we perceive outside of us. Our interior field includes our thoughts, emotions, subtle bodies, and energy centers. Our exterior field includes the body, the physical environment, and all of the other bodies [with their individual interiors] in which we interact.

If we are being honest with ourselves, how often are we consciously engaged with our field of being?

How often are we actively aware of what emotions we are feeling, how our body feels, or the nature of the space we occupy?

Becoming a conscious participant in our field of being is essential when seeking to increase the quality of our life, and our receptivity to the Emergent Field which is propelling us to our greatest potentialities.

Below is a video of Jordan Peterson discussing the field of being, and a very practical place to begin engaging with it consciously.


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