Love and Blessings

As some of you are aware, the Emergence eBook was launched last week. I hope many of you had the opportunity to read it and that you were able to take from it something that is helpful on your own journey.

As it being my first attempt at an eBook, I am aware it could have used a little more editing as well as some other edits to its content. This is a learning experience for me and I thank you for your patience and support!

Today, as I biked home from church, I was noticed that many more tree’s are beginning to change colour. The landscape of Tobermory is changing dramatically; the tourist season is winding down so there is much less people in town. The nights are getting longer and the temperature is dropping. Fall has arrived.

I try to have as much awareness as I can during these changing seasons; to notice how my mind and body respond to the shifting weather. I’ve noticed that my body is a tad sluggish throughout the day. I feel more drawn to sleep and solitude.

I see reflected in nature the state of my own mind. That there is something there that is holding on only by a strand; but in time will be let loose to fall and float to the ground. I’ve noticed moments where my thoughts return to days gone by, to a past that is no longer the present.

What is different in these moments is a powerful sense of gratitude, rather then a sense of loss. Every moment before, in one manner or another, has brought me to this space, to this moment. And for this I am grateful.

I am consciously choosing to embrace the changing seasons of my life; to learn to let go of old patterns and ways of thinking so that I may embrace a complete new paradigm and a new way of experiencing myself and life.

I pray you all decide for this as well.



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