Each of us are engaged, daily, with a wide variety of responsibilities. “Adulting” can be tiresome, draining, and we might wake up in the morning and simply not want to take part in all of the ‘grown up’ chores that await us.

I know what that is like. I’ve had many “jobs” that did not resonate with my passion or what I perceived as my purpose in life. The first few moments upon awakening can be a struggle, as we either coax ourselves to rise and get on with it, or play out an assortment of scenario’s that would justify us ‘playing hooky’.

If we are being honest, neither of those approaches really start our day with the right framework for us to live abundantly, or to be in the “flow” of abundance and creativity that propel us to make the best of whatever might come our way.

So I want to talk a little about the Activating Energy of Gratitude, because in my experience, it is through gratitude that we shift into an Emergent state of being which anchors us in a creative field, allowing the potential of our joy and happiness to arise and flourish.

Open your eyes and say thank you

Living from a space of gratitude might be a challenge, especially if we have developed a habit of pessimism or negativity. As a beginning practice to develop the muscle of gratitude, take some time each day to sit and consciously apprehend all of the conditions and elements of your life which you are grateful for.

The more time that we spend in a state of gratitude, the more we will create and develop neural pathways in our brain that promote this type of thinking, making it habitual rather then something that requires effort. The goal of this practice is to eventually wake up and begin the day in this state; grateful for simply being alive.

So when we are not in a state of gratitude then we can only be in a state of ‘mental suffering’. We are closing ourselves off to the very intimate [and imminent] reality that we constantly occupy; a dimension of an infinite outpouring of love and grace.

we suffer our own thoughts

If we take some time to contemplate a situation in which we are not being grateful, we will notice that the exterior conditions are not really the cause to our suffering; in fact, we suffer our thoughts and ideas about the conditions we must face.

Regardless of our duties, all of us must “chop wood and fetch water”. Its the nature of the business. The quality of our experience is determined by what we choose to think and believe about these duties and conditions. So the truth of the matter is that it is in our decision to enter the energy of gratitude that has the power to shift our experience of life.

The energy of gratitude activates the grace we have been given and awakens the potential for us to be conscious participants in our lives. The more open we are to gratitude, the more we will see what there is to be grateful for.

Bear all of this in mind, as we enter into the Thanksgiving long weekend. I am sure each of us will have plenty of opportunities to put this into practice.

Love and Blessings!

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