In my last post, I left off posing some questions that I wanted my readers to consider and that I also wanted to consider for myself as we move into a new year. I have spent some time now contemplating these questions and wanted to provide my own insights into these existential questions; questions that inform the foundation for further growth and development.

What is the self?

A big question, I know, but a question that arises in the mind of one who has recognized the connection between what seems to be the ‘outside’ world and the interior domains of our individual experience.

When I considered this particular question I noticed that what I defined as my ‘self’ began as something superficial; a mere surface dimension to what, from further reflection, revealed to become something much more profound and meaningful.

If we are to accept the idea that the ‘self’ is something that evolves; grows and develops through time, and is influenced by both interior and exterior experiences, then we are accepting that the nature of the self does not have limiting boundaries to any of these dimensions of being. In other words, the ‘self’ must exist as both an exterior and interior reality, capable of agency in both realms, and driven toward advancement by this agency so as to operate more fully in all the domains of its experience.

There is the interior domain, the world of mind, emotions, imagination, creativity, intuition, and a we space that is generated through our relationships with the world and the people and things within it. We also have an exterior domain, which is the seeming vehicle for our phenomenal existence. The body, the environment, and the multitude of tools and technologies we utilize in the world would constitute the fullness of our exterior self.

This is the full spectrum of selfhood that I shall be using moving forward, encompassing dual dimensions so as to remain within the playing field of practicality and utility.

uniting the dimensions

It seems that there are a whole lot of moving parts when it comes to the self. The wholeness of it, with all its intricate, complex elements coalescing together to generate [and maintain] who and what we are through the duration of our time in this world [and potentially the next].

With this level of complexity, any thought of bringing coherence to the total self is a daunting task. Where would one begin in this process? Well first, let us recognize that it is indeed a process, and not the result of a mere flick of a switch or a few strikes on a keyboard as if we were making minor adjustments to the hue of a picture or correcting a misspelled word.

The process itself, I believe, begins with the interior landscape. As primarily thinking creatures, the line of causation begins with the creative potency of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. It is here that we must bring our attention and take inventory of any cumbersome or static paradigms and patterns of thinking that may be present and active within our mental sphere.

With the nature of mind, we will notice that as we give attention to a certain thought or belief we energize it and give it permission to develop into a phenomenal experience, which then will reinforce the thought/belief itself, making it more ‘real’ to us. Through this cyclic process, we can release any thoughts or feelings which have hijacked our creative advances, and reinforce positive paradigms into our mental domain.

Now how does this bring us to a more United Self?

It is my understanding that the very nature of existence is designed to instigate our development and growth as selves; becoming more integrated, inclusive, and conscious of an all-encompassing reality in which we live, move, and have our being. This can be observed if one were to reflect on the history of life in the Universe, from its humble beginnings as mere elements swirling around a void to the presence of human beings which, as far as we know, remain the most complex and unlimited in potential creatures within the Kosmos.

With this as the foundation, bringing into harmony our own will with the will of existence would be to unite the creative force of the universe with the creative potential of the human being. We will, in effect, become aligned with the evolutionary push/pull force of the Kosmos with all of our efforts being orchestrated in concert with the heart-beat of the creative Love of life.

The means of unity

As previously mentioned, the means of bringing unity to the entirety of our constitution begins with becoming conscious agents in the way we think and the beliefs we claim. It is in this frontier that the greatest good can be done, initially, before moving on to more gross methods of coherence and manifestation.

As a practice, we can begin with plotting out our daily routine. For it is in these routines that we are constantly engaged in our creative endeavors. We give value to what we do everyday, and therefore we must become more conscious of our decision making. Here are some meaningful questions to consider;

  • What is my first thoughts upon awakening?
  • What am I most motivated to do in the morning?
  • How do I feel, both in my mind and my body when I awaken?
  • What do I intend to accomplish throughout my day?

In this short practice we will begin to see the nature of our thinking as well as notice that the quality of our thinking directly influences the quality of our experiences throughout the day. If we begin in space of negativity, or scarcity, or annoyance then we can expect to have our experiences throughout the day mirror back to us these types of energies.

Remember, bringing the self into a more unified field with the motivating energies of Kosmic evolution requires us to mimic its patterns. Does the sun rise at different times of day? Does the quality of its light brighten and dim? Of course not, which is teaching us consistency. This is important to consider.

optimal experiences

I want us to think of optimal experiences not as specific experiences themselves, but rather the quality of any experience. For instance, we can spend a day in the default mode of being where we are not very conscious of whats going on around us or within us.

As adults, we find ourselves engaged in activities we don’t find very interesting or motivating, such as general cleaning and housework. How can these monotonous activities be transformed so as to facilitate optimal experiences? Is there some quality to the tasks themselves that needs to be changed, or is the secret in us?

Perhaps its not what we are doing, but how we are being while engaged in them?

Let us consider that perhaps any experience can be made optimal when we bring our full and united selves into the moment. This would constitute a dramatic shift in the way we think and perceive these tasks. Am I merely doing the dishes, or am I providing a service to everyone else in the home? Is this just laundry I am folding, or am I ensuring that the ones I love [including myself] have clean clothes to wear?

Depending on how we perceive and approach the items in our daily routines, will determine how optimally they are experienced.

Have a blessed day!

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