Greetings from quarantine.

I hope everyone is using this time to fully embrace all of the personal elements of your life which go un-nurtured due to busy schedules and distractions.

I wanted to take some time today to think about the main theme of Easter; Death and Resurrection. I understand that the story of Jesus being crucified and then rising from the grave is the central story around Easter [for Christians], but the theme itself is not bound by religion. We each experience this theme every day when we go to sleep at night and rise again in the morning.

I feel that this theme is actually front and center in our lives as we collectively go through this pandemic; being forced to remain inside and unable to interact in the ways we are accustomed to with out family and friends. You could say that we are in our “cave”, so to speak. And when all of this gets sorted out, we will emerge from our “grave” and be resurrected.

The idea of resurrection is intimately tied up with the idea of transformation. In the story of Christ, Jesus died a man and rose from the grave something else entirely [The Christ, fully realized]. Can we say that the same opportunity [and potential] is present for us while we move through this experience?

In what ways are we embracing the isolation for meditation and contemplation? How present are we being with what arises within us during what may be experienced as a challenging time?


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