“Sickness is an experience but not an Ultimate Reality”

The Science of Mind

Sickness can take many forms.

We might wake up every morning feeling sluggish or overwhelmed. We might spend the day combating bodily aches and pains. Or perhaps something more serious has taken root and we contend with disease.

Have we stopped and considered that perhaps there is a deeper cause to sickness as it manifests in the body?

Have we considered that, perhaps, the cause lies in the activity of Mind?

In almost every spiritual tradition the world over, Mental Science, in one form or another, is seen as pivotal to the health of the human being. There are many different modalities which approach the topic of mental science, but each recognizes that all phenomena must first begin as mental attitude, and be built up with mental habit and psychic consistency. This in turn creates mental “inroads” which find expression physically in the body.

When healing the body one must first begin with reflecting on the interior landscape of Mind and seeking out what idea’s and beliefs are being maintained there, consistently and perhaps unconsciously, so to ascertain the rooted causes to physical illness and suffering.

If you would like to begin this journey, and are not sure where to start, I invite you to connect with me either via Email or through my Facebook Page, and we can begin the process of Healing the Mind, together.