Instead of a long-winded introduction of myself, what follows is a series of statements I would consider to be true.

  • One’s life is a reflection of what is held with consistency in the mind as true.ryan and sophia 2
  • There is nothing outside of you capable of diminishing your potential for happiness and peace of mind
  • Creation is not an accident or the by-product of evolutionary mutations. There is quite clearly a causative intelligence at the Source of all which exists.
  • Physicality is not causative but is an effect. The effect of non-physical dimensions and realities.
  • God is not merely goodness personified but is both an immanent AND transcendent Reality.
  • Love is all you need. 😉
  • Humanity is not FINISHED, but a work in progress. Judge accordingly.
  • Only together, as one family, can Heaven be attained.

I also enjoy writing conscious hip-hop music, here is a link to my SoundCloud.