Barbara Marx Hubbard
1929 – 2019

Barbara Marx Hubbard was a wise and powerful woman, and the work she did in her life powerfully impacted my own growth and spirituality, but anchored something profound into the psyche of humanity.

Heavily influenced by the work of Buckminster Fuller , Barbara was a futurist and visionary who brought to the fore a way of seeing and embracing our individual and collective role and responsibility in determining the trajectory of the human experience in harmony with the natural world and our own continuous evolution.

As depicted in the above graphic, evolution is a process that has been primarily driven by natural law and cause and effect. This is not to imply that its blind evolution; in fact there is incalculable evidence for an intelligence behind of this process of evolution right from the big bang. This intelligence is referred to as Universal Intelligence. I think of this intelligence as being The Word made Flesh as Christ, a cosmic pattern parented by God which propels creation forward into greater unity and complexity.

Notice, however, that once this intelligence leads to the appearence of human life, the seemingly unconscious evolution of the cosmos births the potential for the process to become consciously driven and directed. Through us, the Universe becomes conscious of itself. The implications are staggering (and never fail to give me goose-bumps).

How does our experience of life shift when we embrace the fact that we are co-creating with the intelligence of the Cosmos? That through us, and as us, the perfect pattern of Christ can find expression; can be made manifest in our lives and in our world.

The next time the opportunity arises, go outside during a clear night and look up. The trillions of stars in the sky were all formed by the very loving intelligence which birthed you. You and I are a part of this ever-evolving dance of spirit and matter. And while this is a sobering realization, it also comes bearing a call to a great responsibility; that we are truly the caretakers of creation.

That which birthed this magnificent Kosmos into creation; lives in and as you.