We are clearly at a precipice of great change in the world; at a fork in the road so to speak. The unsustainable course of our present, materialistic culture which is vacant of any depth or spiritual meaning is forcing us to the brink of collapse and potential extinction.

It is becoming abundantly clear that a shift in trajectory is absolutely necessary. The question remains, however, how exactly can we change the course?

Is it too late?

“Let There be light”

The world has birthed many great traditions born from the introspective and contemplative endeavors of mystics, seers, and saints throughout history. This ‘one of a 100 trillion’ planet, spinning in a universe beyond our scope of fathoming, has been graced with the presence of many great souls who have ignited a spark in the hearts of us all.

One such great soul, Jesus, led to the emergence of a new tradition for his time, Christianity, which has been one of the dominant religions on the planet for the last 2000 years. It has had a history marked with the scars of growth; by violence, confusion, greed, and delusion. Many, even now, consider it to be still in a stage of infancy.

“Everything that rises must converge”

With the advance of science in the fields of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Cosmology, and Psychology, and in concert with the rise of mysticism, creation spirituality, and non-duality, Christianity is being drawn up out of its infancy into a potentially more mature version of itself. This is what I refer to as Emergent Christianity.

In specific terms, Emergent Christianity is a meta-modern theology and eschatology grounded in the mystical, non-dual spirituality of Jesus the Christ.

So whats emergent about that?

I refer to this maturation as emergent because rather then only occurring within the tradition itself, the growth of the tradition is equally influenced by the evolution of humanity. As we collectively climb into higher altitudes of consciousness and being, we are able to look back at what came before and see it with new eyes.

This has been my personal experience with Christianity. I have had an ongoing love affair with this tradition; deeply drawn to it for what it could mean but tragically turned off by what it was saying. However as I have grown, matured, and evolved, a new light has shined down on this “way of living in the world, but not of it” that has re-kindled my resonance with Christianity, and at a time when it is undergoing its own emergence into new altitudes of being.

So I offer my own perspective and feel that there is a space for me to actually be a part of the conversation. Its exciting yet humbling, because there is still much for me to learn about it. Though I embrace this journey as we collectively enter the mystery of the ever present Love and Grace of God.


Concurrent resources

I’d like to offer some further resources which I draw upon for education and inspiration, and that I consider to be of great value for anyone else embarking on this journey as well.