The human constitution is a complex thing.

We are made up of several different dimensions of being; physical, mental, and spiritual. Each dimension interfaces with the others, generating a seamless interior and exterior reality which we interact with and experience in each and every moment of our lives [whether we are conscious of it or not].

Integral pioneer, Ken Wilber, would say that this is the territory of our being. The integral framework would therefor be the map of that landscape. Through the integral framework [AQAL], we can see through various models, how these interconnected dimensions of being emerge, grow, evolve, and influence every aspect of our moment to moment experience.

The real fruit of Ken’s labor has been in providing mankind with a comprehensive map of human development and growth, in such a way so as to ensure we can proceed through our evolution with a clear[er] idea of what it is exactly we are trying to do.


As you can see from the above image, AQAL covers the entire gamut of the human constitution; from states of consciousness, to altitudes of development, and topological types of personality. Such a map is invaluable in understanding what and how a person grows and evolves.

Taken together, Integral breaks down a persons evolution into 4 main areas;

  • Waking up – States of Consciousness
  • Growing up – Stages of Consciousness
  • Cleaning up – Personality types and Intelligence Lines
  • Showing up – The 4 quadrants of being – I, IT, WE, ITS

The integral framework is a helpful tool when embarking on the endeavor of self-improvement, mainly due to the fact that it includes within it the wisdom and discoveries of many of the worlds cultures and sciences, east and west. Therefore, many of the bases are covered within it.

inordinate amount of modalities

Also covered within this section of writings, I will be touching on other modalities which bring light to particular area’s of the human constitution. This will include, but not limited to, The Enneagram, Astrology, Myers-Briggs, and others.

While I don’t believe that each of these provide absolute accuracy in their methods, my experience dictates that I offer them their due respect insofar as they provide a meaningful context to the how’s and why’s of the human experience. Integral does mean comprehensive and therefore I shall attempt to maintain an open mind for its sake.